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Our goal is for you to get the exact right fit the first time, so please follow this link to our size chart and follow the instructions to make sure you get the right Bowlifi size before you submit your order. But don’t worry, all is not lost if you don’t get it quite right because we offer a first time customer Fit-Right Guarantee.

Bowlifi Fit Right Guarantee

If you are a first time customer and your jersey just doesn’t fit the way you want, and you think a smaller or larger jersey will fit better, we will replace the jersey. 

Fit Right Guidelines:

    • You have 10 days from receipt of your jersey to submit the replacement order using the Replacement Jersey product below.  

    • Your Replacement Jersey order will not be processed until we receive your original jersey.

    • Please send the jersey to be replaced to Bowlifi Distribution Center, 168 River Park Cir, McDonough Georgia 30252.
    • Changes to design or color are not allowed.

    • Charges for size increases above XL and any increases in length as well as shipping will need to be paid as they apply to the Replacement order (i.e. If you requested to replace an XL with a 2XL and add 2” to the length, there will be a charge of $2 for the size price difference and $2 for the 2” length increase as well as shipping expense).

    • This applies to your first purchase only, regardless of the end-user.  If your first purchase was a gift for a different user it must be returned by the purchaser not the gift receiver.


Ultimately we want to see you wearing a Bowlifi jersey that fits great! So if you are a first time buyer and would like to return your jersey for a different size, just send your jersey to us and submit a Replacement Jersey order using the product below.

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  1. Fit Right Guarantee - This is a replacement product for first time buyers whose jerseys did not fit as expected.

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